Three middleweights

December 8, 2010

 Three middleweights

“Its time for the bait-and-switch again. For anyone who came here today hoping to see a mysterious and esoteric console program, or a distro sculpted to fit on the head of a pin, I will disappoint thee.

“Truth is, for every distro I find or that is suggested, I get two more suggestions for distros I wouldnt put on a Pentium III, let alone on a lowly 120Mhz Pentium.

“I mean that with no disrespect, and I certainly dont turn down any suggestions I get. But it does mean that some people have different understandings of lightweight than I.

“In that sense, here are three distros that I would call middleweights: Too big to compete with us lowly basement dwellers, but not necessarily in the same bracket as the juggernauts out there”

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 Three middleweights

 Three middleweights

 Three middleweights

 Three middleweights

 Three middleweights

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