9 Apps For The Price Of 1: bundlelytic charity bundle [Giveaway]

January 31, 2011


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What do you get when you bring 9 great app developers, 1 awesome hot product and a fantastic website together? Pure awesome, that’s what. Brought to you by the guys behind MakeUseOf with a little help from TheDailyBuggle and fueled by good will, we’re proud to present the bundlelytic charity Windows app bundle.

Featuring some of the best, must-have apps from around the web like Paragon Partition Manager 11, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, Divvy for Windows and many more; the bundlelytic app bundle will be available at just $49.99 (original total price of $299) from today until midnight, 28th of February 2011. We’ll also be giving away 25 copies of the bundle here at MakeUseOf totalling to over $1200 worth of apps! We’ve also got a coupon code exclusively for MakeUseOf readers if you’re looking to purchase this bundle today.

So let’s take a closer look at the bundlelytic charity bundle.

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Aside from the fact that this is a chance for you to get 9 useful applications at a greatly reduced price, you’ll also be donating to a worthwhile cause. 50% of the proceeds from this bundle will be donated to the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, a fund for those affected by the overwhelming floods in Queensland, Australia. Over 70 towns and 200,000 people were affected by the floods, costing over AUD$30 billion in damages. Families are left homeless, food prices are skyrocketing. It is only right for us to do what we can in order to help out. Your money will be touching the lives of those who had to leave all of their belongings behind.

Rockhampton in flood 4 9 Apps For The Price Of 1: bundlelytic charity bundle [Giveaway]

What’s included

And now, a quick summary about the apps that are included in this bundle.

Paragon Partition Manager 11 Personal

Paragon’s Partion Manager 11 Personal is an advanced disk management application that is packed with sophisticated features like Hot Resize which allows you to change any NTFS partition without rebooting, setup multi-boot environments, creates backup images and more. 32- and 64-bit versions available.

We’ve featured Partition Manager 11 Personal before — Get Your Drives Under Control With Paragon Partition Manager

SafeWallet for Windows v.2.0.2

SafeWallet is a secure personal information manager. It utilises AES 256-bit encryption to store your private data like credit card information, passwords, banking information, etc. safely on your computer. It is also able to sync with iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows mobile phones via its mobile app counterpart.

We reviewed SafeWallet recently, take a look: Store Confidential Details on your Phone with SafeWallet

Divvy for Windows

Divvy is an insanely simple tool yet vitally important in your daily workflow. It allows you to easily manage the sizes of your windows and organise them on the screen however you want. Divvy is perfect for the multi-tasking productivist.

“If you want some better tools for organizing and resizing your windows, Mizage’s Divvy might be a breath of fresh air.” — PCWorld

Altaro Oops!Backup

Altaro Oops!Backup is a highly functional yet easy way to back up your data on a Windows PC. With its unique BackInTime technology, you can travel back in time to find and revert changes made to your documents, photos and other files.

“I fell in deep like with Oops!Backup’s well-designed interface and its plain, straightforward English dialogs.” — PCWorld

360Amigo System Speedup Pro

360Amigo’s System Speedup PRO offers a one-click solution to fix PC problems quickly. Additionally, it can also scan and erase malicious processes & clear your computer of junk data and errors, giving it a new breath of life. Purchase of this bundle entitles you to full 1-year license.

“360 Amigo System SpeedUp’s pro edition delivered significant improvements to a well-worn system. These improvements, coupled with a wallet-friendly price, make this a compelling utility for breathing new life into aging machines.” — PCMag

We’ve ran several giveaways featuring 360Amigo System Speedup PRO — Nurse Windows Back To Health With System Speedup Pro

novaPDF Professional v.7

From the makers of the fabulous free PDF converter, doPDF — NovaPDF Professional Desktop is a souped-up, feature-packed application that enables you to easily convert any document to PDF via a printer driver interface or a simple Microsoft Office add-in. It can also secure your PDF documents by requiring a password in order to view, print or copy; among other great features.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard v.5.0.1

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful, straightforward application that will help you recover deleted data from an existing partition, data from a reformatted partition, and lost data from a corrupted partition and it supports sector-by-sector recovery. It works on hardware RAID arrays, hard drives, USB drives, SD and other memory cards.

Returnil System Safe v.3.2.11341

Returnil System Safe 2011 uses a combination of anti-virus/anti-malware protection and a virtual system to clone your operating system in order to create a safe, secure virtual environment for your PC. Instead of loading the real operating system, a clone (copy) is booted and allows you to run your applications (or try new apps) in an isolated setting. Purchase of this bundle entitles you to full 1-year license.


Pixo is an interesting image effects editor that allows you to “brush” effects directly on images. It can also process effects using compatible Photoshop plugins. It’s really simple to use — just pick your image, select an effect and start painting.

We’re reviewed Pixo before too — Add Special Effects To Your Photos With Pixo

Lucky draws

Ah but wait, that’s not all. Purchasing this bundle will automatically enter you into our lucky draw to win a free 250 GB ioSafe Rugged Portable bulletproof hard drive which was only recently revealed in CES ’11. Like its older sibling the SoloPRO, this 2.5″ portable hard drive is also virtually indestructible and capable of withstanding extreme amounts of torture. The winner of this lucky draw will be announced on March 15th, 2011.

iosaferuggedportable 9 Apps For The Price Of 1: bundlelytic charity bundle [Giveaway]

There’s more — a second lucky draw which you will qualify for upon purchasing the bundle, and the prize is one of 100 copies of Nitro PDF Professional worth $99.99 each. That’s almost $10,000 of freebies up for grabs!

Nitro PDF Software products 9 Apps For The Price Of 1: bundlelytic charity bundle [Giveaway]

The bundlelytic charity bundle is available at just $49.99 for a limited time only — the bundle expires at midnight, 28th of February 2011.

Or if you’d like to take the chance, we’re giving away 25 copies of this bundle.

How do I win a copy?

It’s simple, just follow the instructions.

This giveaway begins now and ends Tuesday, March 1st at 0000hrs PST. The winners will be selected at random and announced via email.

Spread the word to your friends and have fun!

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